Visa information


Visa application form

Before you start, you must know whether you need a visa, and which visa you want to apply for. You can find more information below.

Required Documents for Visa Application:

1. Complete Visa application form. Please type and provide answers to all questions.

2. One passport size color photo, which should be glued to the marked space in the upper right corner of the application form.

3. A valid passport which should have at least one clear page for a visa. Your passport must be valid for at least 90 days longer than the validity of the requested visa.

4. A copy of the passport.

5. A stamped or prepaid self-addressed Mail envelope (to send back your passport by post).

6. The payment of consular fee is a condition for processing of visa application (here you can find our Bank account details).

Remarks: The visa application fee reflects the administrative costs of processing an application. Your visa application fee will not be refunded unless you withdraw your application in writing before any processing takes place. Please note that the Embassy will not give refunds if your application is refused.

Diplomatic visa is issued to the holders of diplomatic passports on the basis of the requests of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the foreign countries and other state agencies and departments, international organizations and the foreign diplomatic missions with duly filled Application form.

Transit visa is issued for the period not exceeding 5 days. To obtain a transit visa, applicant must submit the Application form with enclosed a copy of transportation ticket with the visa/visas of the country/countries of other destination. See the visa categories information.

Visa Processing Time

Ordinarily upon receipt of the visa application form with required documents within 5 business days Consular Section will process and issue visas. Please note that necessity of additional procedural inquiries might take place in certain instances where processing time might take longer than 5 business days.

Consular Section provides up to 3 business days urgent visa processing. Consular fee for urgent services is equal to 100% of the original price of visa.

See also here: Visa regulations for foreign citizens visiting the Kyrgyz Republic

Payment details:

Payment for visas can be made in pound sterling by cheque or bank transfer.
Make cheques payable to: The Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic
Bank transfer should quote your surname and should be made to your nearest Lloyds bank branch
Account name: The Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic
Sort Code: 30-96-40
Account number: 01974582
IBAN: GB69LOYD30964001974582

Visa fees:  To obtain information regarding the visa fees please contact to the Consular Department.


Subjected to the Regulation of the Kyrgyz Republic “On External Migration” foreign nationals and stateless individuals arriving to the Kyrgyz Republic for a period exceeding 5 business days have to pass through registration procedure at the Kyrgyz Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its territorial representation offices, at the Kyrgyz Republic of Home Affairs and its territorial representation offices and hotels in the area of arrival.

Persons qualified for exemption from passport registration:

  •  heads of states, foreign country governments, members of the states, parliament, government delegations who are the holders of the official letters of invitation from the President, Jogorku Kenesh or Kyrgyz Government; administrative and technician personnel, members of family and others listed in the delegation list;
  • members of the military aircraft crews arrived to the Republic as it is prescribed in the regulations. Traveling round the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic for the mentioned crews is allowed if is stated in the schedule drawn up for military aircraft crews;
  • crews of the civil international airlines for stay period according to the current airlines schedules;
  • certain group of persons approved by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic;
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