Official statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic

In connection with the murder on the territory of the Republic of Belarus of Almanbet Anapiyaev, the citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic,wanted by lNTERPOL for committing serious crimes, as weIl as the testimony of the citizen Gulzhigit AbiIazizov, a detainee under the relevant criminal proceedings,the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgvz RepubIic reiterates its deep concerns and bewilderment regarding the position of the authorities of the Republic of Belarus on detention and extradition of Zhanybek Bakiyev and other wanted persons.

The competent authorities of the Kyrgyz Republic had repeatedly applied to the State bodies of the RepubIic of Belarus with the request to take actions to fulfil the obligations assumed by the Belarusian side under the Convention on the legal assistance and legal relations in civil,family and criminal cases,and other international treaties. According to this Convention “the parties are obliged to Search,prosecute,and extradite persons to bring them to criminal responsibility or execution of a sentence”

The Kyrgyz side is deeply concerned that Zhanybek Bakiev and his closest associates,the convicts of committing especially felony crimes on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic,despite the fact that they are in the international wanted circular,move freely and,moreover,have been committing felony crimes on the territory of the Republic of  Belarus.

The Kyrgyz Republic believes that this position of the Republic of Belarus does not comply with the spirit of friendly and allied relations between the two countries, and regrets that in this way the Republic of Belarus,Which claims to be the “territory of global hope”, and had recently hosted the summit of “Norman Quartet”, has chosen the way of blanching over and protecting obvious criminal elements.

Kyrgyzstan once again Calls on the Belarusian side to take specific and effective measures for detention and extradition of the above mentioned criminals in accordance with international obligations.

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